Euge Groove

Steven Eugene Grove [Nov. 27, 1962]  recalls that his first public performance was his second grade piano recital… and he's been entertaining people with his music ever since.  Born in Maryland, he attended the University of Miami School of Music, where he originally intended to pursue the study of the classical saxophone.  Once he embraced pop and jazz, his career took off:  that's his saxophone solo on the #1 hit from Miami girl group Expose' "Seasons Change."

Now going by the name "Euge Groove," he replaced Richard Elliot in Tower of Power before releasing his first solo project in 2000.  Groove has also performed with Tina Turner on several world tours, as well as Huey Lewis and the News, Joe Cocker and Richard Marx.


  • His stage name was conceived by his mother-in-law.
  • At the University of Miami Music School, one of his professors told him to choose a career other than music.
  • He admits to being very superstitious.


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