Released: August 20, 1996

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Dave's exuberant soul shines on, Off The Beaten Path, which he wrote while experiencing a big life change, moving from his LA hometown to Northern California. He crosses a number of musical boundaries on this CD, bringing into the smooth jazz orbit a twinge of the pop acoustic style, while managing to put his increasingly recognizable stamp on every tune. Dave explained at the time of the release; "This album is an outgrowth of my personal experiences. I've made significant changes in my life since I wrote my last album… I've taken some time to re-evaluate and re-fill the creative well. I'm now in my 30's and I'm focusing on having a life outside of my career and that has had a positive impact on the music I'm writing." Dave worked with Thom Panunzio, (Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Tracy Chapman, Tom Petty) and brother Jeff. Dave's upbeat soprano sax blends beautifully with the accompanying acoustic and electric guitars, all of which give anyone a reason to rejoice and follow Dave Off The Beaten Path towards his ever-rising star.

Track Listing
  1. Don't Look Back
  2. I'm Ready
  3. Wake Up Call
  4. Let Me Count The Ways
  5. Follow Me Home
  6. Awakenings
  7. Flat Feet
  8. Lullaby For A Rainy Night
  9. That's The Way I Feel About You
  10. Leave The Light On
  11. Under The Spell Of The Moon
  12. My Back Porch
  13. Remembrance
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